Xcel Energy has received approval from the City of Thornton and Adams County to construct the Thornton Substation at East 120th Avenue and Holly Street, and overhead-to-underground transition structures near East 112th Avenue and Riverdale Road. We will use this website to update neighbors on construction of the substation and underground transmission lines.

Read the latest Thornton Substation Project construction update.

When placed in service in 2019, the Thornton Substation will provide safe, reliable power to the community for generations to come.

Partnering With the Community

Since 2007, Xcel Energy has gathered input through public meetings, close consultation and conversations with stakeholders and presentations to neighborhood groups.

  • Substation Location: Extensive community involvement led us to choose a site near East 120th Avenue and Holly Street and design the substation specifically for the Thornton community.
  • Underground Transmission Lines: All power lines entering and exiting the substation will be underground. Find out more about how we plan to build the underground transmission line to the Thornton Substation.
  • Thoughtful Site Design: Our site design allows the largest possible buffer area between the substation equipment and neighboring homes. After obtaining feedback from the community, we included an architectural wall to screen electrical equipment, sidewalks to help keep pedestrians safe, and an irrigated landscape with grass and trees. View photo simulations of the Thornton Substation site design.
  • Community-Specific Architecture: The architectural wall in Thornton was designed by the same architectural firm that created the Anythink Library nearby. It uses a variety of colors, materials, textures and heights to blend the design into the surrounding neighborhood.
  • Working With our Neighbors: We have collaborated with neighbors east of the substation site to plan landscaping along the eastern property line, including a new 8-foot-tall privacy fence.

This vital project will support Thornton’s rapid growth by providing safe, reliable, affordable electric power for new homes and businesses. Improved reliability and system flexibility will benefit the whole Thornton community.